Our mission is to create music that's fun to listen to and easy for editors to use.

Our tracks are sync-friendly and feature extraordinary sounds, original aesthetics, and high artistic standards.

We work closely with innovative, largely undiscovered sound creators with a passion for new sounds

Our offerings are divided into 3 basic collections: Stratos (organic and airy), Antimatter (electro-influenced, dark and rather dense), Lime (very sync-friendly music for advertising, promotion and marketing productions).

The Nuvotone library is distributed by Universal / UPPM, globally recognized as the market leader in production music.


Musicians and movie nerds Alex, Gregor, and Martin met by chance at an event in their native Zurich and quickly discovered a shared passion for the musical underground. They decided to join forces based on the belief that it must somehow be possible to produce non-mainstream music that is both commercially viable and aesthetically satisfying, thereby fusing art and usefulness.

Perhaps this is not what one might expect out of Switzerland, a country generally known for its fine chocolate and clockwork precision. Nevertheless, it is their goal to craft an entire universe of new sounds in this tiny country.

…as movie enthusiasts we couldn’t resist to do our own version of ‘The Usual Suspects’

nuvotone is a swiss project founded in zurich / all rights reserved 2018 by nuvotone
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