Do we accept demos?

Yes, we do!
But first, please take some time to understand the concept of NUVOTONE MUSIC:

NUVOTONE consists of 3 Labels:
Stratos is about cues with organic sounds, mostly on the light and open side of things.
Antimatter is more electronica-influenced, rather dense and the themes are dark and/or action.
Lime is all about fresh, sync-friendly music for advertisement and promos.

What is the musical concept / philosophy?
In a nutshell, the concept of NUVOTONE is to offer music with extraordinary sounds and original aesthetics which is also sync-friendly.

What does that mean?
In short: Tinkering around with sounds to build your own unique textures, while still having a licensable structure (ie: one mood per track, no dramatic dynamic changes, button-endings, one clear concept per track, mood and pace clear right from the start of a track).
Or, in other words, music that is both commercially viable and aesthetically satisfying, thereby fusing art and usefulness.

How does that sound?
Musical examples say more than 1000 words, so please have a listen to the playlists below which feature examples from various albums of each of our labels.

If you feel you have something to contribute, why not send us some sounds? – we’re all ears...

Please send your demo reel of approx. 3 tracks, on a soundcloud-playlist / link or similar (please no mp3 attachements in emails) to:


nuvotone is a swiss project founded in zurich / all rights reserved 2018 by nuvotone
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